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Buy Sofa cum Bed in 2024
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Buy Sofa cum Bed in 2024

Buy Sofa cum Bed in 2024

Buy Sofa Cum Bed Online at Best Price in India

Limited availability of space and the desire for compact furniture arrangements have given rise to various interior solutions. A sofa cum bed is a modern and holistic furniture solution that counters the lack of ample space in your interiors and caters to the customized need to decorate for many homeowners.

A sofa cum bed is a rather popular furniture item that solves many pain points for homeowners who need comfort on a budget. If you are looking for space-saving furniture solutions for your home, then a bed cum sofa design may be the optimum answer to your queries.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Modern Sofa Cum Bed

Purchasing a sofa cum bed is a great idea to approach home improvement with a modern outlook. But before you make the final selection for your bed cum sofa, here are some important factors you must consider.


Since a seater sofa cum bed works on a convertible or pull-out mechanism, it must work seamlessly. These days, you can also browse for L shape sofa cum bed, which enhances the look of the interiors. Buying these would mean a greater need for attention to the functionality of the sofa to avoid any hassle.

Type Of Material

For the sofa cum bed price that you pay, it is only reasonable to expect some degree of comfort and relaxation. The important thing to consider here is that you look for wooden sofa cum beds that offer comfort in seating and lying positions.

For instance, it will be good to place weightage on comfort before design here. Although you can comfortably browse for a sofa cum bed in various materials, for some, a fabric sofa may be the optimum choice of sofa cum bed design. In contrast, for others, it may be a leather sofa.

Size Of The Sofa

A sofa with a bed may be of little use to you if it does not offer enough space to unwind and relax. It will be more comfortable for you to choose a sofa cum bed that provides enough space. At the same time, you should also consider the sofa bed design and ensure that it fits well within your space. Else it might appear very out of place.

Base Material

A sofa with a bed is expected to be even sturdier than seater sofas since it is meant for use not only for sitting but also for lying down. This means that you should consider the sofa’s base material. It should be strong and designed to accommodate the purpose of its use.

Types Of Sofa Bed Available on Pepperfry

It is good to opt for a folding sofa when you lack the required space to place a complete bed. For some users, the idea behind a sofa cum bed is to enhance the use of the sofa and make it more ergonomic in terms of its utility. In either case, a sofa cum bed is an answer to your requirement. The bedding mattress of such sofas is designed to align with two different types of functions.

You can either opt for a pull-out sofa or a convertible sofa cum bed. You will have to assess the design of your interiors and the sofa to select between the two. The design and structure of these sofas can vary, making them suitable for a single person or two people to lie down on the sofa at a time.

The bed cum sofa price of both can vary depending on various features such as the sofa’s design, shape, and structure. You should choose an option that best fits the dimensions of your room and your budget. At Pepperfry, you can get the following types of options:

Fabric Sofa Cum Bed

The upholstery of such sofas is covered with a comfortable fabric such as velvet or cotton.

Wooden Sofa Cum Bed

The classic wood style brings a vintage look to your interiors and stays durable.

Metal Sofa Cum Bed

A metal base on your sofa bed brings a hint of contemporary appeal to your interiors.

Leather Sofa Cum Bed

Designed in shades like tan brown, or grey, these sofas bring a rustic look to the interiors with rich upholstery.

When you shop for such a sofa bed at Pepperfry, you can feel an assurance of the best price guaranteed and offered to you to experience a satisfactory shopping experience.

Advantages Of Buying Sofa Cum Bed Online

There are multiple advantages of buying your favourite sofa cum bed online. The sofa come bed price that you pay online is much lower than anything you will find within the walls of a physical store. The solid wood of a sofa cum bed offers comfort and durability while saving essential space and offering you a chance to refurbish your interiors smartly.

So, since a convertible sofa offers you immense utility, it is good to shop for it online. When you shop online, you open yourself to many options in designs, sizes, prints, colours, and so much more. It is impossible to go through so many options by visiting a store. Moreover, the tag of a sofa bed price might convince you to grab the amazing deals, discounts, and offers, which you will get for yourself only on an online platform.

Why You Should Buy Sofa Cum Bed From Pepperfry?

Pepperfry is the leading online shopping destination for those who want to purchase contemporary sofa versions at economical prices. On this platform, you will find a huge variety of fabric sofasshoe racksstudy tablescorner sofasdining sets, shaped sofas, and other living room furniture items that will enhance the appearance of your interiors.

Every purchase that you make at Pepperfry is covered with an assurance of quality and the best prices for your furniture. Thus, you can trust what you purchase on the platform and feel confident about it at the same time. Moreover, shopping for your new sofa cum bed at Pepperfry means that you will never have to worry about installation hassle. No matter how small or big your item may be, you will always get trained and professional people to come over and handle the installation of your furniture.

Pepperfry brings you a huge plethora of options for every piece of furniture that you can imagine. Shopping online on the platform will feel no less than bliss with so many options. With the most reasonable price tags listed on every sofa on the platform, you will find it hard to resist buying them today!

What’s People’s Choice For Sofa Cum Beds?

Among the leading trends for a sofa cum bed are charming wooden sofas, which bring a vintage feel to your interiors. Designed on the different bases of woods, these sofa cum beds exude a contemporary definition that feels striking and impactful.

Another trend in bed design is shaped sofas, which move over traditional rectangular sofas. The decision to opt for such sofas stems from the peculiar shape of the interiors or a lack of space, but the ultimate result looks no less than mesmerizing.

Unique Sofa Cum Bed Products Offered By Pepperfry

If you are looking for authentic bed furniture online at Pepperfry, several viable options are to consider. Opt for the Ines Sofa Cum Bed in Sandy Brown Colour if your goal is to decorate your interiors in a subtle tone of colours and highlight the utility of the sofa. The pull-out sofa feels very comfortable. The Cordoba Sofa Cum Bed with Lounger & Storage in Beige Colour is a contemporary example of a shaped sofa with attractive colours and ergonomic design.

Another remarkable option is the Edo Sofa Cum Bed In Blue Colour, which breaks the stereotypes on designs of a sofa cum bed and outshines with its deep colours and modern comfort. The Amoeba Sofa cum Bed in Omega Grey Colour is another example of subtlety with contemporary design. It is highly comfortable and displays a modern picture of your interiors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Type of Material Are Used For Sofa Cum Beds?

Sofa cum beds are crafted with various materials, including regular fabrics, engineered wood, metal, teak wood, plywood, leatherette, rubberwood, Sheesham wood, solid wood, and velvet fabric. You can choose from a variety of materials when buying a sofa cum bed so that you feel satisfied with your purchase.

What Are The Colour Options Available In Bed Cum Sofa?

At Pepperfry, you will always get the convenience to shop for various colours on your furniture. From regular shades like brown to the brighter ones like red and orange, there is no shortage of colour options for you at a platform like Pepperfry. So, take your pick and decorate your interiors right away.

What Is The Thickness Of A Sofa Bed mattress?

At Pepperfry, you will get what is best for your interiors. When it comes to the size of a mattress for a sofa cum bed, you can get two options, 75*48 inch and 78*36 inch. You can choose between the two depending on your need and available space.

How Many People Can Sleep On The Sofa Cum Bed?

The promise of Pepperfry brings to you only the best of furniture. Every sofa cum bed here is designed to offer sleeping capacity for at least two people, depending on the shape and design of the sofa. You can choose your desired sofa by browsing for the available options.

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