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Tips and tricks in field instrumentation

    Temp=(resistance measured across terminal minus 100)/0.385  or (resistance measured across terminal minus 100)multiplied by 2.6 for example if the resistance across white and red terminal is 126 ohm, then the temperature measured is 26/0.385=67.53 degree centigrade or 26 multiplied by…

gulf jobs

Best 100 Gulf Jobs List in 2024

Searching for Gulf Jobs. Below are the details for Golf Jobs. Lavanya STalent Acquisition TeamAdecco IndiaNo:147, 1st Floor, G.N. Chetty Road,T-Nagar, Chennai –Tamil Nadu 600 017. Faiyaz ShaikhHR Recruiter!Head Office: 311 Bombay Market,3rd FloorTardeo Road, Mumbai -400034Tel: +91-22-61666713 Swati Katyal…