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Tips and tricks in field instrumentation

    Temp=(resistance measured across terminal minus 100)/0.385  or (resistance measured across terminal minus 100)multiplied by 2.6 for example if the resistance across white and red terminal is 126 ohm, then the temperature measured is 26/0.385=67.53 degree centigrade or 26 multiplied by…


Reynolds number

Reynolds number named after Osborne Reynolds (1842 – 1912), gives relation between inertial and viscous forces of fluid flow. If inertial forces (flow rate) are much bigger and Reynolds number is higher than critical, Re > 2320, turbulent fluid flow…


Chemical Hazard Pictograms

Hazard Pictograms  Can be Used to Convey Chemical Hazards Also Check: How much Bloggers earn from Blogging? Many container labels will have diamond or a box that is divided into color coded sections: Health (blue), Flammability (Red), Reactivity (Yellow) and…